The Inward Journey


"Come join me for a complete strength and conditioning Pilates experience. Learn how to move efficiently by engaging important intrinsic muscle groups, the powerhouse, to help support our joints and spine. Coordination and control are important in Pilates. As a result, endurance and conditioning are part of the training. Pilates teaches us where our muscle imbalances are and how to address them by focusing on proper alignment and our posture. While building core strength and stability, Pilates aligns, activates and brings our bodies into dynamic action"


"My yoga practice centres on my breath. Observing where my breath is restricted and where it is free connects me to myself. Prana is used in yoga to penetrate different layers of our consciousness through the energetic channels in our body. It is like a messenger. Hidden in the prana is consciousness, externalising it is the breath. The practice of yoga is nirodha, the mastery, discipline and quieting of the fluctuations of the mind centering on the breath. I then abide in my Self, resting in my own true nature"


"Yoga and Āyurveda are inseparable! They speak a common language. I apply the principles of Āyurveda using the wisdom of herbs, daily and seasonal routine and treatments individualised to my doṣa (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), the biological elemental constitution of the body. I maintain a good state of health, by keeping my doṣas balanced with the 5 elements of Nature (Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth). The doṣas are in a constant state of flux due to changes in diet, mood, lifestyle, stressors, weather, aging and diurnal cycles, and the body exhibits its physiological and psychological symptoms by the 20 gunas (10 pairs of opposite qualities). Restoring health back to a balanced state is achieved by balancing the elements through these gunas. Āyurveda thus brings me closer to Nature and Nature closer to me" 



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