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Spiced Chai


The Ayurvedic Art of  

Healing Our Body,

Mind and Consciousness

      "Every day is a new day. This day will never come again. So how can we live fully, completely and totally in harmony with this moment, with this day? Dinarcharya is an ancient vedic art of unfolding the inner balance of the body, mind and consciousness, and the inner balance of observer, observation and the thing to be observed...Chronological time and biological time should go hand in hand. Dawn and dusk is Vata, midday and midnight is Pitta, early morning and early evening is Kapha, therefore balance Vata in Vata time, Pitta in Pitta time and Kapha in Kapha time. In dinarcharya, we are bringing harmony in our lives, harmony in our daily relationships with one another...we must have daily routine, so that we take breakfast at a proper time, lunch at a proper time, dinner at a proper time. That way you are creating balance in your biological clock with nature's 5 elements, Atman (consciousness) and Time. We are all bound by time...and time is a movement and any action is a movement that is bound by time. So dinarcharya creates proper use of time in a proper way, and any action in a proper learning dinacharya, we are learning to live with nature, with the cosmos. This unfolds the inner secret of healing of the body, mind and consciouness"

- Dr Vasant Lad

Sunset in the Forest


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