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Pilates for Posture and Back Strengthening

Venue: Comoshambhala Urban Escape

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Learn to use principles of Pilates to correct misalignment and muscle imbalances to improve posture and move more efficiently. Often poor posture puts stress on our muscluloskeletal system and causes muscular pain that affects our daily movement.

Improve posture by strengthening core and back muscles that tend to be weak due to poor posture or incorrect habitual patterns of movement or lack of movement. Develop coordination, strength and regain balance and symmetry for more effective movement and to prevent injuries.

Concepts and exercises include:


1. upper body and lower body alignment

-   the importance of pelvis, hips, core and lower back strength

2. head, neck and shoulder girdle organisation

3. stretches to release upper and lower back tension

4. importance of breathing and breathing techniques

5. prevention of injuries and working with post-injury situation.

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